Bozeman, Montana

After another ridiculous delayed connection through Salt Lake City I headed off to see Cassie up in Bozeman in Montana – Big Sky Country.
But not before managing to beg a $100 flight voucher from the ticket sales supervisor and a $7 meal voucher for the airport.

But, this was not entirely without justification. The connection from Las Vegas was late! Not least because we were stuck behind a queue of 27 planes at McCarran Airport!
So, after giving some felel-sorry-for-me story on my second connection through Salt Lake City and soon to be three in 2 days I managed to get $100 for my troubles!
Anyway, I made it to Bozeman and landed at the quaintest little airport that reminded me of Bariloche or Ushuaia! And, surprise, surprise there was Cassie! She’s unexpectedly come to the airport to fetch me!! Thanks! And, thanks for coming for the first flight too, that I wasn’t even on! We drove into town and went straight to the Hostel that Cassie had already scoped out for me! It was very cosy :-). Bozeman International Backpackers Hostel on Olive street – go check it out!
We went out and had some good bison burgers at Cassie’s place of employment – The Garage! Really cool spot! Novel menus covered in licence plates from around the country.
Later while being driven back to my hostel, we had the ultimate American experience! We got pulled over by the cops!! Legendary! Why did we get pulled over? ‘Cos the headlights weren’t on! C’mon! We at least had the fog lights on! Anyway, the damn copper was such a stickler! She mad Cassie get out the Driver’s licence and insurance just like on TV! You’d all be so jealous! Unfortunately there was no current insurance in the car and so Cassie got a citation and has to go hand it in this week! What bollocks! Back home they would’ve just told you tyo put on your lights and be safe – if they even pulled you over!!
Next day I went snowboarding! Yeah! I was quite excited and for the first time in a lopng while I made quite an effort! I even hired a car! I drove myself off to Bridger Bowl, a community run ski resort 16 miles from Bozeman! I’m still a bit rusty after my last outing in Ushuaia and had a lot of wipes! But, fun nonetheless and definitely a good day out!!
Went out for supper to Dave’s Sushi and the waitress completely underestimated our ability to gobble up the biggest order ever! And the sushi was actually damn good! Even though it was made by three white guys from Bozeman 🙂 Go check it out!
Finally I made another useless plane trip through Salt Lake City on my way to Vancouver!
I’ve never set foot out of Salt Lake City airport, but somehow I already hate the place! And, I think it’ll be a long while before I fly on those small planes of Delta – if ever again!!!

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