Davidson, North Carolina

Well, it took a mammoth degree of patience to handle the transport situation that was to greet me on leaving D.C. Apparently, the rails were being repaired and this required a bus ride – something I’d been avoiding like the plague!

But, nonetheless after some rather confusing consultation with the Amtrak staff I took the fact that I was due to have a 5 hour bus ride and then a 5 hour train ride on the chin! An additional delay caused by some geriatric bus driving and an extended pitstop added a cool 2 hours on to the trip!
Anyway, I eventually arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina! At the Amtrak station in the middle of the stix was a pleasant sight – Laetitia had arrived to pick me up!
We drove on to Davidson to the college where Tice studies! Even in the dark this campus was impressive. She kindly gave me her room while she squatted on the floor with her housemate! So kind! 🙂
It was good spending some time and meeting some cool, down to earth Americans. Actually the majority were internationals and that made things interesting.
It was a great time spent eating, drinking, getting completely outplayed at basketball, shopping and sightseeing!
Thanks Tice – you’re a legend!
To Austin…

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