Washington, D.C. – Part 2

The second day in D.C. was more relaxed. Just planned to see a few more things and then I was going to take it easy and would head off to Charlotte.
Planned to go to the Spy Museum which sounded quite cool. But, upon arrival and requiring a entrance fee of $15 I decided to go through the gift shop instead.

I went for lunch at a place that served very good burgers! Look it’s no Steers, but the concept is really good and the burgers are more of a gourmet variety. It’s called Fuddruckers. Strange name. You order your meat by weight and cooking type (rare, medium, etc.) and you pay. Then you get your ground beef hand-made patty and you can dress it up how you want – tomatoes, lettuce, sauces, etc. Very nice!
After eating nicely, I headed off in search of George Dubya! To the Whitehouse! Strangely, though, I didn’t see him, but again I managed to get some touristy snaps and carried on walking.
Saw the impressive WWII memorial, the huge Lincoln Memorial, the Korean & Vietnam War Memorials and all this while walking over 5 kms!! Again – very impressed!
I had to purchase and FBI cap and with my Reebok hoodie I think I looked like an empoverished local and people started asking me for directions!
Chinatown’s sweet and sour chicked for supper was so much I couldn’t even finish it! The first time in forever!

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