New York, New York – Part 4

A more relaxing day planned!
The snow was bucketing down and I was loving it! This is Northern Hemisphere weather and somehow I can’t get enough of the snow.
Decided to go for a walk through that good old borough of Harlem despite that we were the only white people for like 50 miles and that it was snowing heavily!
A very interesting place indeed. Run-down old buildings mixed with modern shops and eateries. And, somehow, probably more hairdressers per square mile than any other place in the world!

Passed the Apollo Theatre and stopped off to get some good old pancakes from the IHOP (International House of Pancakes). They were so good and we were served by the huge, ridiculously efficient, Bobbi. It was an authentic experience and was even more worthwhile as it felt we were like pioneers – again the only White people around.
Rested the afternoon and headed out later.
Had a legend time at our second pub stop, The Slaughtered Lamb! Brilliant! Encountered a Miller Lite promotion and after a blind tasting and completely getting Miller Lite confused with Bud Lite, I managed to talk the promo girls into giving me a one-the-spot, customised, printed T-Shirt! What a brilliant concept! After witnessing some crazy potentially going down in the pub, and death threats flying between patrons, we decided to move on.
We ended up at another pub and started chatting to some people. Talks of politics and the hatrid for George W. Bush were the order of the day! No-one seems to like him! Goodness knows how he got re-elected!
Then to finish off the night ended up at the Waverley diner to have some great food served by an array of immigrants from all corners of the world!
Back to the hostel on the clean, efficient, 24-HOUR SUBWAY! This city impresses me more and more. I couldn’t live here (too cold and busy), but it really is amazing!

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3 thoughts on “New York, New York – Part 4

  1. Printed it out for Granny.
    Don’t forget to go to Carnegie Deli whilst in NY.
    Tell Wendy to send me an email – I wrote to her in Jan.
    40 degrees in CT today HAHAHA


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