New York, New York – Part 3

Today was the day for museums. I’m always reluctant, hate being overdosed with cultural things that have absolutely no bearing on my life and are most of the time quite irrelevant. But, being in New York, and having most of the big museums right on our Upper West Side doorstep, we decided to take a look.
We walked down the road to the Natural History Museum. Apparently there are some nice exhibits! We arrived a bit early and it was still closed. So, we moved on. We crossed Central Park and headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The entrance fee was something like $15, so, being the ridiculous budget travellers we are, we decided to give it a miss. Got a brochure though to prove we were there and wondered round the gift shop.
From there is was off to the world-famous Guggenheim museum. Apparently it’s really good too, but with another hefty entrance fee we took some photos and brochures and left after wondering around the gift shop for a few minutes!
So, all-in-all the museum visits worked out well. We went, we saw nothing, and conquered even less. But we did save like $40! 🙂
Walking down 5th Avenue on the Upper East Side, oppulence is ridiculous! Chauffeurs waiting for clients, doormen and random price tags for apartments of around $10 000 000 (yes, ten million!). Don’t think I’ll be buying property there!
Did a bit more window-shopping on 5th Avenue after seeing the strange sight of people walking around with ash crosses on their foreheads – turns out it was Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent.
Walked through the Rockefeller Center and passed the famous ice-rink where some freaky old woman was doing some sort of pilates/capoeira/ballet ensemble on the ice and petrifying the people sitting in the adjoining restaurant having lunch!
From there to Times Square once more to find decent Internet access. Internet access here is ridiculously expensive!
I went to have a sushi snack after trying the first slice of New York Pizza. It was good. While walking back, I was stopped by a guy doing a street interview for HBO. I told him I have no clue! He insisted they interview me for their market research – so they did – on camera. I had no clue about any of the programmes they were talking about, but it was interesting nonetheless.
Then, after some deliberation it was off to one of the last major sights on the list – the United Nations.
What an excellent experience! Strangely our guide was a Zimbabwean who, as it turns out, studied psychology at UCT at exactly the same time I was there! Weird! Also met a South African security guard.
The tour was very interesting. We got to sit in the Security Council Chamber and also the General Congress. Got some insight on how it all works and also some good snaps!
Back to the hostel and later out for Mexican!! I got to practise my Spanish and after enquiring whether the Giant Burrito would be enough for me, I was pleasantly surprised! The thing was huge! It was about the size of a whole Swiss Roll. Had cheese, rice, beans, avocado! Delicious! Another culinary New York delight.
After my realisation that I’m a genuine gastronomic tourist, I’ve decided that museums of food and drink will replace those of art and skeletons on my future travels!
Stay tuned for part 4…

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