New York, New York – Part 2

After expecting a slight hangover from drinking draught Budweiser the night before, I woke up damn early and surprisingly fresh! Maybe it’s the cold! It’s freezing here! With the wind chill factor it’s about -2 to -5 deg. C!! My snowboarding jacket has been used every day!
We had breakfast and headed off straight downtown to the South Ferry! It was off to the Statue of Liberty. But, we went the cheap route and took the Staten Island ferry which goes past the statue and is free! Free! Got some great pictures and was amazed again with the enormity of the downtown skyline, and the gaping hole where the World Trade Center Towers were!

Was the ferry cold? Freezing! Hands froze and I struggled to press the shutter release button on my camera! But got some good snaps in the end!
Once docked it was off to the Financial District! To Wall Street. Got some shots of a heavily fortified New York Stock Excahnge and the sustomary photo of the Wall Street Bull. Again, the skyscrapers here are unbelievable. And everything is spotless!! This city is so clean!
From there we went to get some more views of the World Trade Center site and ended up looking for a toilet (restroom) in the World Financial Center for 20 minutes! There’s something very impressive about any building(s) being called “World” something! But, that’s New York!! And, had to pass through Century 21 for some more retail therapy and managed to pick up a cool top for only $14!
The stomach decided the rest of the trip and I had to get to Chinatown! What a cool area, so authentic. Everything’s in Chinese! Had supper/lunch at a place called The Dumpling Cafe or something! I had Sizzling Chicken – superb! Some more window shopping looking at all the imported junk and then headed off back to the hostel in preparation for the next day!
Stay tuned for New York, New York – Part 3…

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