New York, New York – Part 1

Well, it was off to New York from London. My first time in the Big Apple. I flew in to Newark airport in New Jersey after the most turbulent plane ride since the LADE trip in Argentina. Had long conversation on the plane with an old woman from New York. She was funny – gave me some good tips. Actually, the plane was full of geriatrics – must’ve been theire week off in London!
Immigrationn was interesting. Queues and queues of people (most not even speaking English) trying to get into the country. I managed to get to the counter after quite a wait and the official was surprisingly friendly. What a pleasure after Heathrow. The questions weren’t bad, but I had to repeat 3 times I was going on holiday, then once in (what a relief), I had to repeat the same information to the customs official checking bags.

Took the train into NY Penn station and didn’t see the city yet – just had to get to the hostel to drop my bags. Took the subway all the way uptown to 106th Street on the Upper West Side. Hostel was pretty decent, but quiet. Nothing much exciting going on. I think I’ve been spoiled by South America again!
Sunday night was quiet – went up the road and had a bagel – so nice!
Monday was hectic! Got up so early and headed off to town. Walked through thewhole of Central Park (man, is this one big park!) and then down 5th Avenue. Passed Trump Tower, LuisVuitton (sic), Gucci, De Beers, Tiffany’s – you name it – they’re all there.
Walked down past Radio City and through Rockefeller Centre to Times Square – what a place! My neck was sore from looking up! The buildings are huge! Went down Broadway to Macy’s Department Store (the biggest store in the world – it’s unbelievable!) and then to the Empire State Building (even more unbelievable).
It was up the Empire State building next! Man alive this building is impressive! All the way to the top and had an audio tour from Tony the Cabbie over the most impressive city I’ve ever seen in my life! Truly unbelievable!
From there it was a massive walk downtown. I’d read about Katz’s deli (the one from Where Harry Met Sally). Hmmm… Food! What a walk! Good corned beef on rye (not cheap either!). By the way they ship polony all over the States if anyone’s interested!
From there I walked some more – saw Town Hall and then made my way to the amazingly huge gaping whole that is the World Trade Center site! It’s shocking! They’ve set up a viewing fence all around with pictures, names and stories of the events. There’s also plans for the new building! Looks quite impressive! From what I can see, those buildings were so much bigger than everything else and were even higher than the Empire State!
Did some shopping! Had to! Everything is so cheap! Went to Century 21 across from the World Trade Center site and tried to control myself – the place is ridiculous!
Well, it was off back to the hostel by subway! My legs were killing me after my 10-times-to-Pick-‘n-Pay-and-back walk!! I was even impressed with myself!
That night we (English guy, Gary, and I) went to a bar up the road, funnily enough called the Lion’s Head! Had long conversations with locals who hate George Bush and can’t afford to live here! Also had some of the best chicken wings ever! Cost: a mere 25c each!
Off to bed drunk after chatting to some very unsurprisingly beautiful Argentinian girls in the hostel. Funny!
Next… New York, New York – Part 2!! And, some photos!

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