Flock, the new browser

So, here I am getting into this whole blogging thing. Although, compared to other bloggers out there my posts seem to be few and far between, but hey, this how things go.
I’m actually writing this post from a new browser, Flock! It’s based on Mozilla and is intended to make blogging easier and really take it to the masses. I think it’s great! I love the interface and the load times of the pages seem to be quite a bit faster than FireFox. But the blogging thing is cool! Now, I can blog straight from the browser!
Well, that’s about all from this one, maybe my next post will come a bit sooner, who knows!


One thought on “Flock, the new browser

  1. Hi, Kevin
    How are you? This site is full of lots of interesting things and I just thought that I would compliment you on all your great photos. I especially liked the Cape Town ones.
    What are your other hobbies besides photography and travel?
    I think that there are lots of things we could talk about, like music, books etc. and would like to hear from you sometime.
    Well, I hope you have a really good day and enjoy taking some more photos.


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