The last days in BA – shared with that legend Viviana Sacchero

It was coming up to the time to go home. Home would be a welcomed rest from living in bunk beds and out of a small backpack. But, I didn’t realise till the time got closer how much I would really miss Argentina.
Time was spent with some returning legends. Yaron, Zachi, Stuart and all the dudes from the hostel. Ruben, Mariela, Bieri, Jose, Lidia, Rita, Nico, Solidad. Hope I haven’t missed anyone out.
But, special mention must be made of Viviana! What a special person! 🙂 Now, I’m not just saying this because she wanted to be famous. 🙂 She shares all the Argentine passions I do! Des Nivel of course, being the most important. haha! But, even though she’s Australian (had to add that!), she’s got that special Argentinian blood in her genes that makes her great! Share the passion! Viv, I’ve reserved our place at Des Nivel for next year and real estate is looking very interesting!


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