Salta – Part II

This is the second installment in this exciting series on the north of Argentina. Yeah, whatever!

The next trip was on with Pablo, the tour guide from the hostel. It was a gruelling 13 hour van ride throught some harsh country to the clouds. It follows the route of the Tren A Las Nubes (Train to the clouds). The terrain is superb and it’s apparently better than the Grand Canyon. Multi-coloured mountains line the path and cacti surround dry river beds.
The last major drawcard on the stop are the Salinas Grandes (large salt lakes). But, the highlight of the trip was the raucus behaviour of the five of us on the bus. Some bitter French woman wasn’t very happy, but our entertaining renditions of Lady in Red and Bohemian Rhapsody soon shut her up! Apparently she was ill and didn’t like the window open either.
That was a good trip and some more Llamas were purchased (well some grabbed) from old native woman. The Llama races would continue on our return after eating another great asado. Goodness knows what happened in the race, but I always seem to support Clubs and somehow the other 3 suites always win. Oh well, more cheap wine for me!
The next few days were hectic and much partying was done and some alcohol was consumed. But possibly never before has a time been so enjoyable!
Anwyas, after a time not long enough, the girls left and I was there for a couple more days till I attempted my trip to Bolivia.
I was back to Salta in no time and the party continued. It was good to see the guys again: Gil, Guille, Pablo, Jorge, Roxy and anyone else I might have forgotten! Then It was good to find some legend Israelis (Ovadia, Jonny (Yonni – goodness knows), Uri still there to make life interesting. Stuart who I had met in September in BA and again in Uyuni and some other crazy guys arrived and the nights were heavy. Zeppelin, Makondo, Cafe del Tiempo, all the usual places were in full swing and by this time the barman knew me. Service was prompt and drinks were good!
Met some more crazy Americans, some mad Aussies and no other South Africans. Got some shopping in, watched a couple of protests and enjoyed my last few days in Salta. Gil and I were going to take a dodgy charter plane and luckily it was cancelled and I had to go with Aerolineas. I think the other plane crashed – they said it was broken – we’ll never know.
Well, that’s about it for Salta, I’m sure there’s more, but at the mo, I just can’t remember.


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