Iguazu Falls

Simply put, this is one of the most amazing sites I have ever seen. The falls are huge! The enormity of the site is difficult to explain, but there is harldy one point where you can see the entire series of falls!

They are so impressive that then US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt exclaimed “Poor Niagara!” when she first saw them.
The falls border on Argentina and Brazil and are also near the Paraguaian border. There are national parks on either side for tourists to enjoy, but the Argentinian side is the most developed and impressive.
Starting on the Brazilian side is recommended as you get a much broader view of the entire scene. The width of the area covered is immense. There are various cascades, but the ultimate is the Garganta del Diablo (throat of the devil). It is a massive volume of water that falls over here, but not until you go to the Argentinian side do you experience the power of the cascading water!
Descriptions of this sort of scenery are a bit useless, and only pictures can really do justice, so see my photogallery for more… http://www.tucj.com/photos.
I stayed at the Hostel-Inn which is about 3kms from Puerto Iguazu in Argentina. The hostel is great and the facilities are excellent. The weather is very hot and humid and there is a big pool to take advantage of. Be prepared for mosquito bites though!


One thought on “Iguazu Falls

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