Buenos Aires – The food

Yes, it’s important for us all, and me especially. The food in Buenos Aires is great and so damn cheap. Here are some good places to go.
In San Telmo there are loads of restaurants, parilleras, pizzerias, etc. And, they all make good food, and none of them are overly expensive.

Firstly for anyone requiring some cheap pizza, Ugi’s is the place. They’re curently celebrating their 25th anniversary so they have a really good special on. They have a grande muzzarela (large mozzarella) pizza for 2.99 pesos (about R6.50/US$1). Add 20 centavos if you want to take away. Also, they only make muzzarela pizza, and the place is a bit dodgy, but buying a pizza from there is a must!
As is widely known, Argentina is famous for its beef, and the steaks here are awesome! A great place to go is Des Nivel in San Telmo. It´s somewhere around Defensa 800, near Estados Unidos if I remember correctly. The meat is the best I’ve had in Buenos Aires and for a Bife de Lomo (I’m sure it’s fillet) you’ll pay around 9.50 pesos (about R21/US$3). Bife de Chorizo (Rump) is slightly cheaper, but just as nice. Good atmosphere and the waiter’s are crazy, but it all makes it much more exciting!
Then there is La Moderna, a great place to have empanadas (Argentinian speciality) and a slightly more expensive, but tastier pizza. The old man in there is also really friendly and always asks if you like Argentina and Buenos Aires – he loves to chat. It’s located on the corner of Humberto Primo and Chacabuco.
In the all-you-can-eat category I have been to two restaurants. La Bisteca is really nice and is situated on the Porto Madero (I think) right on the water of the docks. The meal costs 23 pesos and you can eat anything and everything as much as you like, drinks are extra. If there’s a queue to get in, you may be given champagne to pass the time. Service is excellent and the food is great, although the meat is not as good as in a parillera. The same goes for Grant’s near the Facultidad de Medicina subte stop, Junin 1155. Service and food are excellent, but the meat does not live up to expectation. But, as a massive bonus it only costs 13 pesos (about US$4).
Well, when I find more, I’ll let y’all know. Bon Apetite!


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