The Tri-Nations – Part 1

The tri-nations 2004 has got underway. It is building up to be one of the most exciting yet! With South Africa a completely rejuvinated side and New Zealand and Australia easily seeing off the World Champions, England, who knows what will happen?

The first game was for the Beldisloe Cup. New Zealand beat Australia in a thriller! It was cold and wet and the conditions were shocking, but nonetheless, a very exciting test match!
Then it was The All Blacks to take on the Springboks – who knew what would happen. And, the result was a big surprise for both sides. New Zealand won 23-21. But, the surprise was that the winning try was scored by Doug Howlett in the last minute – devastating! But, the Springboks showed that they are a completely different side and cannot again be discounted!
Then it was off to Australia to take on the Wallabies. The game was a cliffhanger, and again showed why the Trin-Nations is probably the most exciting annual tournament in the world! The Aussies took the win, in another close game, winning 30-26. Another devastating result.
But, considering last year the Springboks were practically a write-off, these results are more than promising! Now for the home games! We can do it!!!


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