The Springboks Did It!

So, finally, after all that anticipation and some great excitement from me, the Springboks triumphed. Not only did they beat Ireland 2-0 in the series, but they beat Wales as well the week after.

The first test was excellent. The Boks showed great determination and an ability to score tries. The second was not as exciting, but was a gritty game that showed they aren’t lacking big-match-temperament! The win against Wales was excellent, a massive score was reached – the Boks winning 53-18, although I didn’t think the Welsh looked half-as-good as they did in the Six Nations.
The Springboks, for the first time in a good while, generated some positive press. The once dejected supporters are standing tall once again, and the Springboks, for the moment at least, are looking like the team of old. They do however still have a very inexperienced side, which in a way is worrying, but in another is very good. Most of the newcomers will have no experience of the problems we’ve suffered, Camp Staaldraad, etc. and that will definitely help.
So it was a great three weekends of rugby. Although, there seems to be something special about wearing your green and gold overseas, which you just don’t seem to find back home. It’s not a pride thing, just something different. I think I’ll try go on a few tours one day! Should be fun!
Here are some photos from the game at Newlands.


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