Test Match Time – Springboks vs Ireland

I have the utmost respect for Ireland, they have performed very impressively over the last couple of seasons and have proven that they are a world class side, even ending above South Africa in the world rankings!

But, the Springboks have that uncanny way of somehow pulling off show-stopping wins over the most impressive opposition. Granted, the last few seasons there have been very few of these! But, I have faith, as always!
The loss of De Wet Barry and Ashwin Willemse in the week building up to the first test on 12 June, is a big blow, but like I always say, if you want to be a world-class side, you’ve got to have world-class depth and be able to make do without a star player. After all, the team is selected from the best a country has to offer. So, surely in a country like South Africa where we have over 361 000 registered rugby players (IRB), if one player gets injured, there should be ample replacemets of a calibre similar to that of the injured player, that’s what makes a country champions! In my opinion that is, but I’m always open to differing opinions that rugby supporters inevitably have!
Wayne Julies has been called up to replace Barry and Breyton Paulse to replace Ahswin. I have the utmost confidence in Breyton because he has proved himself to be a match-winner time and again, but Wayne I’m not so sure of. We’ll have to see on Saturday! I’m holding thumbs!
Great news though, I’ve got my tickets for the game at Newlands (home of Western Province and the Stormers) on 19th June 2004! It’s going to be great no matter what the result, and goodness knows the Irish know how to party! Cape Town is going to be wicked!
Well, till the first test! Up the Bokke! Ons gaan wen!


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