The Peacock

So, the story goes that I know the sound a peacock makes.
Lucky for me, not many people do.
5FM ran a competition a couople of years ago, promoting the new Sony HI-8 Digital Video Camera. The beauty of the camera was that it has Super Steady Shot and Super Night Shot – perfect for taking on a safari. I entered and was lucky enough to get on the show. To win two people had to compete and make animal noises that the DJs had to identify, they then voted for the best one to be the winner.
I did the peacock, and suprise, surprise, I won. Great prize – have made good use of it during my travels and on the side of the rugby field filming some spectacles like the Camps Bay Old Boys game of 2003 where Martin, my brother, was seen running around in a leopard-skin tank-top!
Anyway, I’ve sworn not to repeat the peacock to anyone, so if they heard they were lucky! So, I thought I should provide the sound of a real peacock for all to hear.
Here it is: peacock.wav


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