Washington, D.C. – Part 1

From New York on my way down to Charlotte, I thought I’d stop off in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.
Having to wake up at 04:45 was not pleasant, but knowing that the subway in NY runs 24 hours I was a bit more confident that it would be easy to get to the station for my train to D.C. Unfortunately I didn’t know that after hours the subway trains are completely different to the ones during normal hours. So, of course, I got on the wrong one! But, no worries – I rectified this amateur traveller’s error and was soon at the station with enough time to get a doughnut for the trip.

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New York, New York – Part 4

A more relaxing day planned!
The snow was bucketing down and I was loving it! This is Northern Hemisphere weather and somehow I can’t get enough of the snow.
Decided to go for a walk through that good old borough of Harlem despite that we were the only white people for like 50 miles and that it was snowing heavily!
A very interesting place indeed. Run-down old buildings mixed with modern shops and eateries. And, somehow, probably more hairdressers per square mile than any other place in the world!

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New York, New York – Part 3

Today was the day for museums. I’m always reluctant, hate being overdosed with cultural things that have absolutely no bearing on my life and are most of the time quite irrelevant. But, being in New York, and having most of the big museums right on our Upper West Side doorstep, we decided to take a look.
We walked down the road to the Natural History Museum. Apparently there are some nice exhibits! We arrived a bit early and it was still closed. So, we moved on. We crossed Central Park and headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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New York, New York – Part 2

After expecting a slight hangover from drinking draught Budweiser the night before, I woke up damn early and surprisingly fresh! Maybe it’s the cold! It’s freezing here! With the wind chill factor it’s about -2 to -5 deg. C!! My snowboarding jacket has been used every day!
We had breakfast and headed off straight downtown to the South Ferry! It was off to the Statue of Liberty. But, we went the cheap route and took the Staten Island ferry which goes past the statue and is free! Free! Got some great pictures and was amazed again with the enormity of the downtown skyline, and the gaping hole where the World Trade Center Towers were!

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